Shell 3D Printing Service

Go directly from customer CAD files to ready-to-pour molds. Fight the labor shortage and skip production problems.

From order to pour in 12 days

Ceramic 3D Printer

Our Process

Step 1: Send us CAD

We’ll review your files and suggest what works best for our process.

Step 2: Tree Engineering

You provide gating preferences and runner insights, and we design the tree ready for printing.

Step 3: Approval from you

We’ll send over a printable part, ready for approval. You can request modifications or approve the design to move forward.

Step 4: We directly print a ceramic mold

Using proprietary technology, we create a ready-to-pour shell in our specialized facility.

Step 5: Shipping

We carefully package your part and send it directly to your shop floor.

Ready to pour!

Just preheat and pour. No autoclave or washout.


Case Studies

We’ve printed hundreds of shells and have passed AMS-2175 inspection.

Automotive Racing: Thermal Housing
Aerospace: Turbine
Fluid Management: Fuel manifold
Aerospace: Latch
Aerospace: Linkage shaft

Our Capabilities

Today we are limited, but our technology is rapidly evolving.

Part Under 4"×4"×4"

The part fits in a 4 inch cube. The tree can be much bigger

100 Ra Surface Roughness

.060" Wall Thickness


Aluminum: A356, A357, C355
Stainless: 17-4, 15-5, 300, 400-series

About Us

We are a small team in El Segundo, CA obsessed with quality, leadtimes, and innovation.

Rangeview has invented a machine and ceramic material at Berkeley that is now the most capable of its kind. We want to partner with foundries looking to change investment casting forever.

Reach out to us

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